How to access Membersí Area


There are currently 2 features, a membersí phone list (with some email addresses) and bidding quizzes which are aimed primarily at less experienced players.


Click on the Members tag on the extreme left of the menu bar on the Home Page.


Type in the password and click Submit.

If you do not have the password, ask in the club.Please do not put the password in an email - emails are held on servers and are not secure.


This will bring up the SBC logon screen. As a first time user click Register and click Submit.


On the next screen type in your BridgePads player number and a password of your choice. Click Submit.


If you are successful, you will see a message that authorisation is needed.

Authorisation may take a few hours, perhaps overnight.


Once authorised you will be able to log on using your player number and password.


If you have problems logging on, or any other queries, please contact the Membership Secretary.