Laws Committee Meetings


WBU Emails

A letter from the WBU to all clubs about information for members by email is here.

Online Bridge - StepBridge

Members who wish to play in these tournaments must pre-register with StepBridge.   Details are on the WBU website.

Club subscription 2020/21

Club subscriptions are normally due on 1st April. However, in these abnormal times, no subscriptions (and the amount, which will be reviewed) will be required for now and probably until we have a clear pathway to the return of Bridge. Rest assured that the Club has sufficient reserves to meet the ongoing costs of maintaining the Club premises.

Online Bridge - BBO

This WBU link provides information on both set-up and playing in BBO tournaments.


The AGM, normally held in July, has been postponed provisionally to the 28th October.  The date will be confirmed when the club re-opens.

WWBA Letter

A letter from WWBA to all clubs is here.


Some light relief to help with enforced isolation is here.

Club Closed

The club has been closed with immediate effect.   Details are here.

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